Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Would be Suck

Arg. TODAY SUCKS. Not only am I bogged down by homework, but I am stuck watching my puke monster little brother for 5 hours. fun. Let's see if any of my work gets done.

Babies have the mysterious power of knowing when you're paying attention to them. If they think you're doing anything that doesn't involve them they will proceed to scream. Then you either sit there and not be able to focus on anything, or you pick the baby up and not even attempt to do your paper work.

Babies are fine, just not when you're in high school. There is absolutlely no way to get stuff done unless you have a babysitter.

Too bad I am the babysitter. Balls.

Also, I was going to change my layout again, but instead I just switched back to minima 3 column temporarily before I can make the proper codes. Also, comments are at the top of the post for some reason....

1 comment:

  1. but he's so cute right? this counts for something! haha, like someone told me: the best birth control is being a babysitter.