Monday, March 30, 2009


Today in class Jacob scolded me.... and I have to say it was well deserved.  Debate is becoming really scary because I feel so insufficient right now.  District is this Saturday, and I am NOT READY.  Also, I'm a bit miffed because while I'm working my brain off debating, Miranda will be at the Renissance fair.  NOT COOL.

Not to mention all this time-wasting personal drama and LOADS of homework.

It's so unfair that the guy I actually like is too stupid to see that I like him.  Not to mention he has a girlfriend.  Bah.  He's perfect (for me) too!  The perfect blend of sarcastic/snarky and total coolness.  And he's intelligent and actually has views that go beyond sports.  However, I'm being bogged down by everyone because of a guy I DON'T like, and everyone is convinced that I do like him. NO.

This is the worst situation ever.  Maybe I need to abandon thoughts of ever being with aforementioned perfect (for me) guy, and find someone similar to him....

Maybe I should consider my current options.  Maybe I should stop saying maybe.  Since when did life get so complicated?

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  1. Oh jeez, this whole brown-skinned ginger babies thing has gotten out of hand. Let the stupidity run it's course, stop talking about HIM so much (which is what leads everyone into thinking you have a thing for the ginger) and things shall get better. As for Man Of Snark, things will improve.