Sunday, March 15, 2009


I miss my old friends. The ones I've known from infancy.

I recently ran into a few of them, and I was talking to one of the guys and we both played with the idea of all of us having a reunion. After fourth grade, everyone just dispersed. I miss them. I miss Scotty, Kris, Andreas, Kaitlyn, and everyone else.

Last I heard Scotty was in Tennessee, Kris in China, and Kaitlyn in Missouri. I have no idea where Andreas is....

But I'm losing my point. I'I knew those people from infancy. Our mom's knew each other, and we went to the same school from pre-k to fourth grade.

I wonder how we've all changed.

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  1. Old friends are nice... I miss a few of my own, to be honost. But then I think about how they've probably changed and how they probably think I'm the weirdest chick ever and decide... Fuck 'em. My current friends might not be all that, but I'd rather people that except me now than one that would find me weird and change me back into who they want me to be...

    But you probably haven't changed as much as I xD You should have the reunion in China :) That'd be awesome... hehe