Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mess of life

Oh my. I do believe this is probably the most physically, and mentally exhausted I've ever been.

To start off, I have to say that I'm excited because apparently I made it quite far into the event. I made it do day three! However, I was soon cut after my first round. Oh well. Day to day run down:

Day 1 - LD and Student Congress:

My first two debates were ok, mostly because I think my first round was against a really cute guy who knew how to hold a conversation. I think he was the most effortless speaker I had ever met. Anyways, afterwords we walked and talked across the campus, until it was time for my second round against a girl who also knew how to hold conversation quite well. However, her arguments in the debate lacked logic, so I felt pretty confident in my winning.

Next up was Congress, which was a five hour ordeal. I ended up with the not so honorable Philip Hayes (google his name, something is bound to show up) and I basically ended up fighting him for as many speeches as possible. Oh man, I tried hard, but came up short with a total of five speeches on different legislation.  Also, I think I suceeded in making the whole room laugh at my witty jokes. 

The bus ride home was pretty scarring. It was ok, other than the fact that Jacob was messing with me the whole way home. Mr. Debate pres. needs to learn to keep an appropriate distance away from me. For reasons unknown to me, he kept on trying to lay his head on my lap, and I tried to make it as uncomfortable as possible.

Time arrived home: Around 10:30pm

Day 2, LD and Extemp Speaking:

Not much to say about this day, just a bunch of walking, talking, depression among those who didn't qualify for Nationals, and joy for those who did. Jacob, who is a senior didn't qualify, so of course anyone could understand his depression and soreness for not making it.

I felt bad for him, so I made no objections when he wanted to sit in the back of the van with me, and other than him trying to steal my blanket and trying, and sort of succeeding in laying his head on my lap, it was ok.

Time arrived home: somewhere around 11pm

Day 3 Finals:

The events aren't worth speaking about, other than in all of Josh and Mary's rounds that I watched Josh served as an insane madman with the logic and intellect to match that of doctor House.

You can imagine the thoughts running through my head. His wit and sharpness is something that will probably never be matched.

Then afterwords we (myself, Mary, Josh, Josh's mom) celebrated, ate Mexican food, and hoped not to get sick. Even in Texas one must be wary of Mexican Food.  The meal was accompanied my light and amusing coversation.  Who could ask for more? Not me. 

Then Mary took me to my grandparents house so I could Chill and Relax.

Time arrived at appointed destination: maybe 3pm, I have no idea.

All in all, it was a long sort of weekend. The only day I have left is today, which is Sunday, the end of the weekend. Bah.


  1. congrats on doing so well at your tournament! I can't believe it's Sunday already...

  2. Congratulations :) Btw, Mrs.Lee told me to tell you that you NEED to come in to see her ASAP, because you have A LOT of catching up to do since you missed Friday. She'll give you a lot of information, and get you ready for Thursday, which is when we have our test.
    Go in early Monday! I think Hannah can go with you since she missed all of last week.