Monday, June 30, 2008

The Perfect Guy

The perfect guy.

What a touchy subject. For each girl (or guy) it's different. I only now started thinking about it because my friend B had asked me what my type was.

It was quite sad when I couldn't instantly provide him with something of any value. All I could crank out was, "He can't be a prep." Of course, as per usual B kept on bugging me so I decided to actually sit down and type out what my perfect guy would be like.

The first point in being my perfect guy is you'd have to accept the fact that I like profesional wrestling. I'm not expecting every person on the planet to like it as much as I do, but it really bugs me when people diss on it and go on this rant about how it's all fake, and they don't really do anything. I've had guys say that to me, and each time I'm just like, "DUDE. It's staged, not fake. Get your facts strait, because there is a huge difference."

The next thing is he'd have to be into nerdy stuff like me. Now, I'm not saying he has to be into WoW, or anything, he's just got to have some sort of computer, or academic skills. I don't know about other girls, but being around a stupid guy is pretty boring for me. Making out is fun and all, but it's even more fun to geek out on the newest tech out there. 8 ]

Musical taste doesn't really phase me when it comes to guys because I pretty much listen to everything. The only thing that weirds me out is the Super Deathly Metal where they talk about raping dead girls and eating human fetuses. That crap is downright out there.

One important thing that I like in a relationship is debate. Yes you read right. Debate. Some may say, "Oh, so you want someone to fight with all the time?" However, debating and fighting are two totally different things. To me, debating over an issue usually consists of who walks the dog and buys the groceries, whereas fighting is like screaming over someting stupid like.... I dunno something stupid. The point I'm trying to make is, I don't like guys that are all like, "It's ok honey, I'll do all the housework for you." Because let's face it. After a while that would get really really really boring.

All in all, I'm not really that shallow, I mean let's face it. If they've got some mad musical skills, or they're just really funny I'm probably going to end liking them. Having fun and being able to party is important to me. I don't like deadbeat guys. However, when I say I'm not shallow I mainly mean that I'm not picky with guys when it comes to looks. Now, if were talking about celeb. guys like Gaspard Ulliel or Jeff Hardy, that's a total different story. I hate it when guys get jealous or mad that I like them. The whole time I'm just like, "DUDE. Chill out. They are famous, and there is no chance in hell I'm ever going to meet them, let alone date them."

So, is my perfect guy nonexistent? YES. Do I ever expect to come across anyone with the qualities I listed above? Yes, but they're only going to have one or two. It'd be ideal to find someone with
all of those qualities, but as we all know that's totally impossible. Ah, well one can dream right?


Ok, I've got to admit. I wouldn't mind dating a total douchebag if he had a super awesome mohawk. Those things are sexy and amazing, and would make my mom and dad sh-t their pants. LMAO.

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