Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Whinery and RPs

Ok, let me be the first to say how much I hated meet the teacher day.  Why you ask?  Simple my dear friends.
  1. It was raining, and VERY humid.  Humidity+Hair= POOFBALL
  2. On top of having to cart around my two younger sisters, we had to take a very cranky baby.
  3. There were puddles EVERYWHERE.  Gawd, I don't think my jeans will ever be the same.
  4. I had to pee very badly through half the trip, but I could see that my Stepmom was also tired of the baby, so for her sake I rushed through the trip without peeing.
  5. NONE of the teachers I had gave supply lists.  So now I'm going to wing it and hope I get everything right.

Jeez, I whine a lot.  Oh well.  I'm just really stressed right now.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the locker situation.  Do we even get lockers?  No one mentioned it so.......

Ah, and before I forget to mention it, I joined a new RP.  It looks pretty cool so far and if you love writing and making up stories this will probably be good writing practice!

It's called A Night to Remember, and I've already put up and application for my character(yay!).

Let's just say I just got another thing to add to my "Things to occupy my time" list.

*Bekka-  I sent you a message about it through your blog.  Also, y so distant over the net?  


  1. haha. sorry you had a poof ball.
    i didn't go, i knew it was gunna be gay.

  2. Bah. The rain really did create poof like hair for me also >.<
    Sorry for the distance, didn't realize I was being a semi hermit lol

    About the RP: Don't you think it's slightly..advanced for me? I've only ever been in the Moony one haha. They did say in the rules you needed to be 'experienced'.


    Get back to me on this on myspace :) Ill be on!

  3. What the hell is an RP? Some of us are old, you know.

  4. I'm going to a Meet the Teacher-type thing too soon.
    Hmm...that RP looks cool...

  5. I found your link on gURL.

    It sounds like Meet the teacher was a blast! :P

  6. RP = role playing.

    Think of it as this generation's Dungeons and Dragons minus the MAJOR nerds. A lot of writers do it.