Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Accurate Advertising?

Ok, so while I was out shopping for clothes with my grandma when I saw some billboards.

Now of course you're probably thinking how normal and mundane that is, but have you ever truly paid attention to them?  Today, I did.

It was some advertisement about Abstinence.  Yes, I know nothing special there, but here me out.  The people they chose for the picture were smiling, slightly pudgy and average looking.

Ok, yeah I totally know how shallow I'm sounding right now, but look! Me, being the type that likes to analyze instantly thought, "Why didn't they use pretty models?"

Is the message they're trying to send out doing the opposite of what it should do?  I mean, it looks like their trying to say, "Hey kids, be Abstinent.  Look at these teens, they're total virgins, but I guess you can see why. See John there? Yeah he's never had a girlfriend. EVER.  And see Mary? Yeah, she's 261 pounds, and her favourite hobby is eating pound cake."

The only thing that crosses my mind after that thought is, "Hey, maybe only pretty people have sex.  Maybe the only reason why those kids on the billboard are Abstinent is because no one would even think of them in that type of manner." *children please look away, naked overweight person straight ahead.*

So this is where the more reasonable part of my brain steps in........ and steps right back out to watch some really violent movies.

Is Accurate advertising really all that good?  In the case of the Abstinence campaign, I think no.  Gawd, would it have killed them to put one hot guy on there?

Wait. I already know the answer. YES. Because no above-average-looking guy would be able to control his hormones long enough to remain a virgin before marriage.  You want to prove me wrong? Present me with one case, JUST one, with reliable information. Oh, and a case from this century too please.


  1. The minds behind advertising are interesting for sure. I swear they think so much about stupid things like "does this text look happy?" that sometimes they forget who they are appealing to.

  2. hey! Edward waited until marriage! And that was over a hundred years!

  3. yeah but edward was prolly always "hard" and he's a fictional character. not at all real.