Thursday, August 21, 2008

Again, I question the universe

Why?  Why is it that everytime I have to go somewhere important, or start something new I also start my period?

Seriously!  Ok, I'll make a list in which I shall share all the important times Aunt Flo has reared her ugly face in my life.

  • My week trip to Grandma Pat's
  • That one time I went to Hannah's
  • The last day of camp
  • When I went to New Orleans
  • Last Christmas while at my mom's
  • The day I spent with B

So those were probably the worst.  I think New Orleans was just bad timing because it was a little after the hurricane back when people were starting to get back on their feet.  I just got really teary around the ghetto neighborhoods, seeing all those hobo looking people walk around.

But yeah.  Now the curse has decided to ruin my trip to Splash Kingdom by making me look bloated.  Thank Bhudda for tampons though.  Without them swimming would be a big fat NO.

And I'll still be on it when I start my first week of school.  GREAT.  I'll start my High School year out looking like a bloated Filipino lock ness monster.  Plus I'll be in a pretty foul mood.  So  foul little children will shout, "Ahhh mommy it's an Aswang!" and also cry very very loudly.

Photo Courtesy of Avivi

*EDIT* I cleaned out my closet to sort through my butt-load of jeans and out of 10 Pairs of just plain ole full legged jeans only 3 didn't fit.

And the sad thing is they fit my calves and thighs perfectly, it was just trying to get them over my butt that sealed the deal.  My butt was too big for them :[

Melissa wants me to throw them away, but they're in good condition and I hate wasting stuff. So if anyone in the East Texas area wants size 7, 8, or 9  jeans then feel free to message me.  They're basically the same size really, just in different brands.  Also, the size nine one has a mismatched button on the back lol.


  1. haha. its ok, i started mine two days ago. we can be on our bloated periods together =D

  2. Oh I know that feeling, I was going on a week long backpacking trip freshman year of high school and my period was supposed to have come and gone before the trip, yeah, it started the day of. Nice mother nature, real nice.

  3. oh dang, I'm sorry Lizzi :( Mine just ended a few days ago...I hope you feel better though! Try midol for the bloating, it works wonders for me ;)
    I can't help you with the jeans...I wear 3-5 >.<

  4. Dude, say no more. I'll be on mine the week of school too. I also got it in time for tennis camp (where you run around ALL DAY) and a 2-day outdoor concert with only Port-a-Potties, and a beach vacation. Sigh. Being a chick can suck.