Friday, August 8, 2008


So I was just thinking, why are parents the way they are?  Is it how they were raised that affects their judgement, or is it something that manifests as we grow older?

Honestly, if or when I have kids I think I would treat them with as much respect they give me.  Haha, but then again, that's if I ever want kids.  Still a maybe with me.  Don't worry though, I've got my whole life ahead of me and I am in no hurry to want anything long term.

Anyways, back onto the subject at hand.  Why do some parents worry when their kids like dark colors to dominate their wardrobe?  Is it some type of dark omen?  Does it mean that we're destined to become delinquents?  

Honestly, why can't they see that black is merely a color, and not a proclamation to the world that we are indeed the scum of the earth.

Image Courtesy of Andy Chapman


  1. yeah parents. glad im gonna have my own life when i hit 18. i guess they're looking out for the best interests. i guess the colour black is just the colour black-i suppose it could somehow scream target of whispers and poser talks. maybe thats what they're tryna protect you from?
    screw it. black is just a colour.

  2. black is just a [fabulous] color that i wear on my clothes, accessories, makeup, and nail polish. i guess parents just want to protect their children from any chance of adversity, which is just a fact of reality.