Friday, August 22, 2008

Splash & Sorry, but No

Today was very fun. Oh yes, so fun!

I went with Hannah to the local water park in Canton with her dad, little brother, Ms. C, and these other two kids Jessi, and Quiet Girl. It was pretty fun, I mean we got there at like 11:00 when they opened, and stayed there till 5PM.

So now, since I've got that island blood in me I am thoroughly darker. So much darker in fact I think I could pass myself off as a full blooded, working class Filipino. Yup. No upper class for me.

Anyways, I actually went on the BIG slides for once, but I didn't think I was ready for "The Royal Flush" which is just a really nice name for a giant Toilet bowl. No thank you, I'd rather not pretend I'm a turd.

I Thoroughly enjoyed the wave pool, lazy river, and kiddie area. I like the kiddie area the most though, but in order to go I had to take Hannah's little brother because they were discriminative towards tall people. Also, the guy Jessi accompanied me, which would have been ok.... but he asked a lot of questions and kind of hinted about liking me and Hannah, so I just played it smooth and cool

Jessi: So do you have a boyfriend?
Me: *walks under water fall* WHAT? I CAN'T HEAR YOU?? DREWW DON'T RUN OFF!! *runs after drew*

or when we were in the wave pool he'd attempt to save me every time my head went underwater. And I would just be like: I'M NOT HOPELESS I PROMISE MY FEET CAN TOUCH THE BOTTOM SO PLEASE LET GO OF ME.

So my day kind of went like that. I dodged a lot of questions, and gave very vague answers. He also asked for Hannah's number, but she said that she already liked someone (which is sorta true) and I just gave the usual, I don't have time, and I'm pretty horrible.

And believe it or not, I'm not lying. I honestly don't have time with 4 advance courses, debate team, and possibly art club. All my time will be stretched out to the max. Also, I hate talking on the phone for over a minute. No really, I HATE phone conversations, unless it's with certain people. I think I may be the only teenager in the US that doesn't want a cell phone.

Overall I had a good time.... Although I do feel a little guilty for eating that funnel cake... Only in Texas will they mix Carnival food cooked by teenagers in a water park with Religious messages in the wave pool.

And yes, those are pictures of the actual kiddie area from the official web site. Pretty nifty right?


  1. that looks like alot of fun!! and yeah sure, i really don't know how to add friends lol or i would add u. =]

  2. Woah, that kiddie area looks 100x better than the one at my lame waterpark, LOL.

  3. FUN! I haven't been to a water park since 6th grade and I wish I had one near me. I love how you avoided his questions, made me laugh. I'm with you on the no cell phone thing and constantly have to explain to people why I do not have one because from what I hear "it's impossible to live without one."