Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aching Shoulderblades and Homework


Ok, so even though I absolutely love most of my classes, I did something really stupid today.

I brought three textbooks with me to school that weigh about fifteen pounds collectively and carried them all day in my backpack.   IT SUCKED.  However, I recently found out that I will probably never ever have to do that again.... the teachers could have told me that sooner.  But hey, better safe than sorry.  Although I don't think it was physically safe because my shoulder blades are ACHING.

Also, I seem to have developed a crush on an upperclassman..... a senior to be exact.  It sucks, and I knew it was going to happen eventually, but I didn't think it would happen the second day of school.... <<(no exclamation points = not excited)

It's a good thing I already prepared myself for this and I've made up a list of things that should help keep me focused on my studies, and help me get over him.   The only thing I find weird is that he's the exact opposite of all the other guys I have ever liked.  SO DIFFERENT.

Ah, well I guess this is where my hormones start to kick in, and my subconscious starts playing tricks on me by implanting him in my future dreams.  This is most likely going to suck..... until I get over him.  And believe me.  I will, somehow get over him.

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that after school I saw Jonny and Asstin at Walmart.  Jonny bought gum and rice krispies and green tea... which was weird, and Asstin just got coke.  They both also got to see my baby brother, and have declared him a future skater.

Also, Melissa thought Asstin was cute and I was just like: UM NO.  Not that cute, especially when he doesn't take his meds.  And she also thought Jonny looked weird, but I explained to her that he was one of those types of guys that doesn't look nice, but deeeeeeep down under that long unkempt hair really is at heart.

Also, to wrap things up-- I feel like I'm blogging on borrowed time.  I have so little time to do anything, and I barely have any homework!  Imagine what it will be like when I get my full load of work!

Photo Courtesy of WTF-Alexandra


  1. You remind me a lot of myself! I remember when I had a crush on someone, I was constantly telling myself, "Stop liking him, his ugly, you're too good for him, blah, blah blah..."

    Great minds think alike.


  2. Ahh I belive my friend that you are experiencing the "I'm getting settled in school-but oh wait!" syndrome. I think you can balance your studies and a little crush. I say instead of trying to resist it, go for it. After all, a free mind is a willing-to-get-down-and-study one (I made that up).