Thursday, August 14, 2008

New School Schedule

Well today I picked up my schedule, showed off my new baby brother to every person I knew-- and a handful of strangers, and saw a bunch of my friends.  OH yeah, DID I MENTION THE BRICK LOAD OF BOOKS I PICKED UP??

Anyways, for the friends of mine that go to my school, this post is specifically for you, so I don't have to re-type my schedule online 50 billion times.  If you don't go to my school, that's ok.  You can feel free to oogle my workload. haha....

  1. Debate 1 - 410
  2. Biology Pre AP - 905
  3. World Geo. Pre AP - 802
  4. Art 2 Pre AP - 214
  5. English 1 Pre AP - 811
  6. Precision Prep - GYM
  7. Algebra 1 - 805
  8. Spanish 1 - 204

I was invited by Hannah to go to a waterpark with her on the 22nd!! Yay! I hope I can go...

Also I was a bit disturbed to see Celery had longer hair than mine...... weeeeiiirrrrdddd...... lmao When he and his mom (who is totally NICE) walked away, Melissa was like "And which one is this?" and I was just like "Er, Celery.... I mean Caleb."  

Haha I think she was more disturbed than I was.

Photo Courtesy of JustApril


  1. :)

    We have two classes together! 3 & 5!

    woo! :D

    Dude, I have Algebra everyday...first period. >.<
    I better learn to love it.

  2. yay! we have 3rd and 7th together!
    you can cheat off my math tests again this year! lmao.