Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn? And not sleeping till Dawn?

OK, so I went to the Breaking Dawn release party, and let me tell ya. IT SUCKED.  They didn't do the costume party, or the door prizes, or the trivia stuff.

Compared to Harry Potter, it was a ginourmous flop :[

But oh well, it was fun hanging out with Bekka and L, even if we did make L feel entirely uncomfortable...... Seriously though, for half of the night it looked like we were inflicting physical torture upon him! (hehe I might have kicked him a couple of times due to his uncooperativeness)

Bekka was kind enough to buy me a frappuchino, but it ended up tasting like crap because the people working there decided that it would be a good night to throw in the towel and be all like, "Hey, I work hard every other night, I think I'm going to be half assed today."

Not to mention the fuzzy lint stuff that was in our drink. We should have gone back up there and been all like, "Hey douche bags, do your job right or don't show up!  I'm not contributing to your salary for nothing!"

When we got to Bekka's house we probably stayed up till like 4am or something!  Almost at the butt crack of dawn!  

But yeah, I'm still not tired.  I'm waiting for my crash to kick in because I probably only got 4 or 5 hours of sleep, plus I did two loads of laundry once I got home, painted, cleaned the kitchen, photoshopped, and spent a bunch of time on Twitter.

Anyways, for those who are currently reading the book, ENJOY, and don't forget to bathe daily, and eat!!

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