Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of School

OH WOW.  I did not think I was going to have this much fun during school.  SERIOUSLY.  No one ever told me the first day was going to be so great!

Sure yeah, there were some negatives, but they were severely outweighed by the positives.  Some of the negatives were:

  • MANY people in the halls, which inevitably means bumping into people every 5 inches.
  • Some unpleasant people in my classes
  • TONS of information to retain.  HTF am I supposed to remember to buy a friggin homecoming shirt--  And when to pick up stuff from the office?
  • All the scary gangster girls-- they will devour your soul.
  • No lockers.

Other than that it's pretty good.  I mean, even if I did get homework on the first day it's only like one page, and plus my Spanish teacher just totally made my year by saying that she only gave out homework once a week.  Before I give out too much let me highlight the good!!

  • I have C lunch with Celery, Brooke, Miranda, and Kat.
  • I have at least one friend in all my A-Day classes
  • Friends that happen to be upperclassmen :]
  • I hang out with Miranda's clan in the morning :]  And I talked to Juno girl this morning who is by far, the coolest Juno looking girl I have ever met.
  • My debate teacher looks like Tina Fey, except with shorter hair.  She's pretty cool too :]
  • In Pre AP art we found out about all our field trips, and competitions.  Finally, something out-of-school!
  • I can hang with Taylor, Cory, and other friends after school-- just like last year!
  • Mixed grade classes!! I have classes with Juniors and Seniors!! 

I can't guarantee that tomorrow will be as good, but if all my A Days are like this I'll be content to have a horrible B Day in exchange for an awesome A Day.

Also, since Debate and Spanish are every day I'll be able to hang with Miranda and Aria more!!  Oh yes, I just read over my Debate team packet and I think it would be best if I didn't type in detail about the class or rounds.  Let's just say what happens in Debate class stays in Debate class...... unless Miranda gets a puppy, and sneaks it into the class and he poops all over peoples desk.  Then I HAVE to tell you what happens.  I'd be depriving the world if I didn't.


  1. Good for you:)I'm starting school next week I hope I have the same luck as you do. What grade are you in btw? I'm going into grade 10.

  2. I know how u feel! I love having classes with my upperclassmen friends! =] and it makes a diffrence when your spanish teacher speaks spanish as a first language. =]] mine is from nicaragua. =] i think i spelled that right lol =]