Monday, August 18, 2008

I ventured outside.

Ok, so today I accompanied my family to the doctors office for Steven's two week check up.  I swear, if I ever have kids I want a doctor to come by the house.  The kids in the hospital were horrible.  Kicking, screaming, and running away from parents and into me.  

I'm sorry, but if you have 4 kids which are all under the age of six, hire a babysitter or stick them with family.  Just because you have two arms and one mouth doesn't mean you're capable of taking care of multiple toddlers and a newborn.

There was one plus side of going to the hospital tho.  This dude was going in to get his back to school check up, or it might have been a physical I don't know (he looked like he was athletic), and he was really really cute.  I only found two things odd.

  1. He walked like a gazell--
  2. He shaved his legs--

Does anyone else find that a bit weird, or do guys shave their legs now?  I would ask my friend Celery (he shaves his arm pits), but I don' t think he'd take to kindly to me asking him questions like that.

But seriously... Is it that common for guys to shave?....not that I have anything against that...

Also, tommorrow is meet the teacher day and supply list pickup. Fun Fun.

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  1. For athletes, very common. The reason why though is still a mystery. Swimmers I get it, but other sports, I'm just not sure. Totally with you on the people will zillions of kid bit though.