Friday, August 15, 2008

Gaspard makes Everything Better

Ok, so I'm not the jealous type, but I sure am the type that gets really mopey, and tries to play it off as PMS.

From the information that I just found out, my nonexistent heart (along with what little coping emotions I have) has plunged into my stomach.

Not cool.  But I'll deal with it.  I don't really feel like sharing my problem with the world just yet. (or ever)

So for now I'm going to go into HEAL mode and watch America's Next Top Model (which is very calming for me) and watch old Gaspard Ulliel films, accompanied a zombie marathon.  Also, I'm going to eat a very unorthodox version of beans on toast. (also very calming)


  1. Gaspare Ulliel...mmm gotta love the french boys...others that I'm sure will make you feel better is Tom Sturridge and Eddie Like Minds, both of them=every teenage girl's fantasy.

  2. i'd totally help you, but it wouldn't work right because i don't know the problem. lol
    watching re-runs of scrubs makes me feel better.

  3. I hope your heart leaves your stomach sometime soon, I know how that goes and don't feel like you have to tell the world everything if you don't want to, cause that's what I'm doing anyways. Enjoy ANTM that show is like crack for me.