Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dissapointing? I think I just proved my own point.

Ok, I have to confess how confused I am.  Of course yesterday I mentioned how above-average guys probably wouldn't be virgins for long, and guess what? I was right!

Coincidentally, right after I typed up that post I started talking with a guy friend of mine. It was just a mundane conversation which involved me asking how his summer went and what he did.  Believe me, I was not prepared for his answer.

Now let's get some back story.  This guy is one of the most nicest, sincere, and caring friends you could ever have, but he's also a bit desperate in the relationship department.  He's asked out every girl he's ever come in contact with (or close to it) and if you ever go out with him he's very clingy and emotional.  I dunno, maybe there is a reason for the way he is, I mean he's got a pretty screwed up family with his sister being a milf and all that..... or maybe that's not the reason.

BUT ANYWAYS moving on, I was asking him about what he did, and he mentioned that he tried pot (not surprising, just disappointing) and that he had also lost his virginity in the same week.  At first I was kind of in shock, but I get over stuff quickly and I asked him who it was.

In his exact words--- " a girl from big sandy---we did it in the lake---it was a learning experience"

I copied and pasted from our IMs, and of course cut names and whatnot.  It just goes to prove my point that very few guys are willing to wait, but girls are a dime a dozen when it comes to abstinence..... not that it's a bad thing, I'm just trying to stress the statistics.

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  1. My faith in humans is dwindling. And in vampires. Damnit. I have no problem with sex before marriage, but people who have sex just because they are horny, I have a problem with that.