Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lock me in

Last night was my local library's annual teen lock-in! Last year it was great, this year it was also pretty great.

We had fun running through the library screaming, giggling, talking on the loud PA. We even took turns pushing each other in our beloved creaky wheel chair.

Oh what fun there is to be had in the library after hours! The night was spent well, and I payed for it today. When I got to my grandparent's house I crashed till around 6pm when I finally woke up. Then I had a cheeseburger. Yum.

We had some new girls come, some were awesome, some were not so... awesome. One in particular who recently started going out with the most volatile boy in the area. They were all mushy, exchanging "I love you sososooo much babe." texts every 30 seconds even though they've only been going out for less than a week. Gag me. Now. When I told her I thought her boyfriend was moody and not my type, she demanded in a very whiny way why I thought that. Ugh, maybe it's because he doesn't fit my list of very high standards, or maybe it's because HE'S A CREEPER.

Oh well, other than her, everyone's company was thoroughly enjoyed :)
While in the staff room I found a bunny head, which we used while playing hide and go seek. It was a bit creepy though.

While exploring the bookbinding room we found tons of colorful papers, and I picked up a yellow one and made a paper hat. Lovely right? We also received our "I survived the library lock-in" T-shirts we designed!! It's a hand coming out of a vortex in a book. Bekka, also known as MRoS and I designed it together. We are the bomb. The t-shirts were a big hit :)


  1. That sounds like a fun night. I don't think I could be "locked" in a place- I don't like the idea of not being able to "get out." Not sure if that made sense.

    Ashley Kay

  2. That sounds like a blast!
    I didn't know these things existed (not the libraries, of course).

    And that girl and her significant other seem creepy indeed. yeah, I can't stand that kind of people either.