Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's always the Secretary

Heaven help me, if I hear one more bit of news that the Debate team's Secretary is talking bad about me, I will go on a public ranting rage in that paper pusher's face.

So maybe it's the irrational anger talking, maybe it's the rational want for everything to go smoothly this Debate season, but our Secretary is not being the best Secretary he can be. He's unhappy, and tearing the team apart from the newly formed seams.

When we decided on officers, he said he was happy that I was president, and even eluded to the fact that I would have won if we had an election, yet he incessantly runs off complaining about every little non-issue he can think of. He wanted a "higher" position on the team? NEWS FLASH. The secretarial position is one of great responsibility. The Secretary is just as important as the Treasurer. The Secretary is the one who does all the dirty work.

When he was "debating" his position, he said he wanted to be the person to make all the phone calls, and organize events. NEWS FLASH #2. That's what a Secretary does.

Now he's trying to say that we need the new coach involved, NEWS FLASH #3. The new coach doesn't know us, and only met us once, so why on earth would he be involved in our officer predicament. He's also complaining to all of the graduated varsity members, and people who have left the debate team, and they come and tell me everything he says.

It's sad, when Jacob, the guy who made last year hell for me has to defend my case when Mr. Secretary complains and talks bad about me. I'm glad Jacob spoke up in my defense, but I'm capable of standing up for myself. What bothers me is the fact that this BOY isn't MAN enough to say these things to my face so I can defend myself.

I am President, and should be because I am dedicated. I put in extra hours for Debate, I've been to all meets in the season other than two, and one was because I had an art competition that day. I'm the most successful remaining member on the team, and as of last year and this year I have the most points in the system.

Also, my charm and wit must have had something to do with it :P KIDDING.

But I digress. Maybe one day, Mr. Secretary will speak his opinions of me to my face, until then, I don't care about him. He better do his job, OR ELSE.


  1. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that the term "secretary" is always associated with females. Maybe some friend teased him about it.

  2. It's not that, believe me. He's just pissy because he doesn't have the title of President.

  3. Bummer. Hopefully he'll get over it.