Thursday, August 6, 2009

School Shopping Amongst Other Things.

Today started off as an early day for me. I was woken up around 8am, took out the trash, got dressed, and set out for a day spent on the road.

My baby brother Steven just recently turned 1 and is having a party on Saturday, so we had to pick up food and everything else.

Then we headed off for Tyler, a nearby town with a great shopping center. My step mom had some business to do in town concerning the Chamber of Commerce, so after she finished she took us to a nearby Goodwill where we made some excellent deals!

I picked up a pair of jeans, and orange undershirt, and a really cute cotton floral print skirt! I also scored some really awesome slacks for Debate! One dark blue, the other black.

Another cool find, courtesy of my stepmom was a spacious black leather backpack type bag which will most likely be used to haul around my books and other things for Debate. The best part though, was the fact that the bag was in mint condition!

Anyways, after we left GW, we headed for the mall where I shopped at Wet Seal and Sears. I was hoping that Hot Topic would have some Harry Potter shirts on sale, but alas, they didn't. I picked up a bunch of stuff, and I made some sets on Polyvore to show you guys two of my outfits I have. I would have made more sets, but I'm lazy :P

This is one of my Debate outfits. I got this really cool yellow undershirt, but I couldn't find one on Polyvore that matched it exactly, but oh well, you get the idea! The shoes I have are that exact same style, but the brown is actually gray on my shoes. I really wanted to follow Alex's advice and get a blue suit, but we couldn't find the exact cut of suit we wanted in blue... however, I am keeping my eyes open, in hope of finding it! For now, I'll just have to deal with the blue slacks I bought.

I'm really excited about the moccasin shoes I found at Wet Seal! They were exactly what I was looking for :) Also they were having a great sale, "Buy 1 item, get the other for 1cent" I got the shirt for $9.99, and the pants for a penny! Also, this is the black leather backpack thing I was talking about. I was surprised that Polyvore actually had this up there!

So after loads of shopping, and bags full of clothes we stopped by the Great American Cookie, picked up some cookies to munch on, and headed home.

I had to clean the van once we got home, but oh well, it needed to get done eventually. My dad has the habit of drinking stuff, then discarding the container on the van's floorboard. He's an internal litter bug.

I'm rambling. I should end this post before it gets any longer. But before I leave I'm going to share my friend Celery's latest Chronic Insanity video. Warning, it involves dousing someone in pee.


  1. I love your new clothes! :D The sale at Wet Seal sounded amazing. Wish I had been there :p

    Give Steven a happy birthday hug for me :) I can't wait for the party Saturday.

  2. Happy birthday to Steven :)

    That's awesome that you found some great stuff at Good Will, why pay ridiculous amounts? I want a Harry Potter shirt too, but must also wait for the sale :P I love your new outfits! And that's fantastic about the sale they had at Wet Seal, I love the moccasins and shirt :)

    And hahaha, that video was interesting to say the least! :D

  3. this sounds like such a super day!
    I'm glad you found some cool outfits that you love.
    The yellow shirt is really pretty.
    And the backpack, OMG! A classic cut!

    Have a good weekend!

  4. Nice new clothes! I love the jeans.