Thursday, August 13, 2009

More Bang, Less Buck

Today I went thrift shopping again, but this time with Bekka, better known as MRoS! We stopped by a local secondhand thrift store by the name of Hope's Closet, and it's sister store Hope's Closet 2.

There, we found some awesome steals and great buys. I found a navy blue dress with white polka dots which was cut in a cute early 60's style, a pastel ruffle pink shirt to go with my floral cotton skirt I got last time, two giant purse bags, and a shirt with large dots on it and a pair of new slacks(do I need any more dress pants?!).

Also while at the stores I stumbled across a treasure book wise: Hardcover Britanica volumes on Philosophy!! There were so many, but I only grabbed three of them. I bought vl. 42 Kant, vl. 35 Lock, Berkley, Hume, and vl. 54 Freud. I'm so happy!! Yet even more books to add to my ever growing Philosophy collection!

We wore our dresses out shopping, because quite frankly where else were we going to wear them? I wore my floral orange/white dress, and she wore her sunshine yellow dress:) Unfortunately, the second picture came out blurry.... oh well, it was taken with Bekka's phone.

I thoroughly enjoyed today's shopping trip, now all I need to do is come up with an event to wear my new navy polka dot dress to.


  1. Lol you should wear your polka dot dress on the first day of school. XD

  2. I went thrifting the other day too! :D You really do get so much for your money, its awesome. Yay for new books too! And both of your dresses are fabulous, even with the blurryness, haha ;]

  3. you ladies look so gawgeous and i'm jealous. you don't need an excuse to dress up and be cute! put on your dress and prance around the streets with your camera!