Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obama-bashing = No.

So it's been a while since I've written something politically oriented. I blame summer, it has made me lazy and less likely to watch CSPAN and CNN.

Plus with all this MJ hullabaloo in the news, why would I watch?

Anyways, is anyone other than me tired of listening to conservative republicans gripe about Obama? It seems as if they've taken up the sport of Obama-bashing.

Even though personally I would have liked Ron Paul to have been elected, I think Obama is doing the best he can with what he's been placed with.

Although I don't agree with all of his decisions, he's doing a lot better than McCain could ever do. Especially with Palin as the potential VP.

Living in Texas can be quite annoying sometimes, especially when you have southern grandparents who still think Obama is a Muslim stealing our money and trying to convert us into an Islamic nation. No lie. I have to put up with this every time I visit.

But I digress, Obama is not our saviour, but he is in progress of doing great things for our country. Sure, taxes may have gone up, but when you think about it, they would have gone up regardless who are president is. Also, the individuals in the upper part of society with a 6 figure income have to pay higher taxes whereas middle and lower class don't have to pay as much, with McCain, there would have been no tax raise, therefore less money for the government.

Also, please disregard anything Fox News and Limbaugh has ever told you. The government has very little control over the economy. We have a Free market system(even though the bailout contradicts that... but we'll talk about that another day)and FYI Free Market = little to no govt. assistance.

Obama is not superman, nor is he God. He can't fix all our problems within less than a year of being in office. Be patient all you dear conservatives in America.


  1. Though I was rooting for him at first, Obama seems to have an idea of what he wants, and is slowly but surely progressing towards it. I also love the fact that he's focusing on the youth of America. Focusing more on the schools and keeping young people of off cigarettes is a great way to ensure a better future for America. So for now, I applaud our president.

  2. oops, meant to say "wasn't" in the beginning of my comment.

  3. Personally this is where I think I disagree, not about Obama doing what he can and all, but about people bashing the president. We live in a country of free speech and I think people are entitled to every aspect of that, especially when it comes to politics. Not to mention, I bashed Bush quite a bit along with others and I don't think Republicans, or anyone for that matter, shouldn't be able to do the same with Obama if they so please. Just a thought.

  4. Thanks for the blog comment! Yeah, I have heard that "Atlas Shrugged" is really good, I just don't know if I'll ever have the time to get through the whole thing.

    This post was lovely. I'm pretty tolerant with my more Conservative friends, but they're criticism of Obama is just unreasonable and bigoted sometimes. I hope he gets America on the right track, and time will tell.


  5. it HAS been a while since some of your political commentary! a majority of America has your exact sentiment, while this is pleasing enough to me, i know that those opposing who are patient and open-minded enough will come around also. it's fabulous.