Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dress yourself

I feel like I should place a warning on here just in case any dudes stumble upon this... Er, You have been warned? I don't know....

Dressing myself has never really been an issue. There have been only a few instances at school that I have been told that my clothing was a little inappropriate, but the person who always got on to me was a total tight wad, and picked on everyone.

My parents voice their opinion every now and then, especially my mother who is constantly nagging me about the stupidest stuff, like my shirts being cut too low, or that I shouldn't wear tank tops in front of guys.... WTH? She's pretty conservative. And that's putting it mildly.

My dad doesn't act like he cares. Then again, I don't ever come out of the house wearing mini skirts, so I guess he's content with the way I dress.

My stepmom on the other hand is always sending mixed signals. Like in middle school:

"Why are you always wearing baggy shirts and pants? You're a girl, wear something that fits you! You have boobs, stop trying to hide them!"

Honestly, I didn't care about boobs back then. All I cared about was my wrestling t-shirts, and they didn't come in form fitting sizes. Neither did my camouflage pants. It was either baggy, or super baggy. Not much choice in that department. And now that I do wear "form fitting clothes" she says:

"I want you to get larger sized shirts. You're too old to be wearing all these skin tight shirts, and your boobs are too big for those shirts anyways."

Oy. My life. My stepmom has also convinced herself that I am no longer a C cup. We're supposed to go and get fitted sometime in the upcoming future. I'm hoping that she's wrong, and that I am indeed still a C cup. Until then, I'm going to stress about the clothes I need to buy for Debate....

I need a pant suit. But should I go striped? Tweed? Classic black or blue? Ugh. I miss the good ole' days back when I could throw on a Fall Out Boy shirt, some jeans and vans and call it a day.


  1. Personally, I say wear what you want. If you don't feel you're showing too much boobage, then you're probably not showing too much boobage. And I say, go with baggy jeans. They're breezy, comfortable, and they have the biggest pockets. I Lizzi, I know how much you love those "Pants Purses."

  2. I say wear what you're comfortable in. I think that's the essential.

    The for your pant suit, I'd go with navy blue and wear it with a bright colored blouse like pink, papaya, or even white.
    Can't go wrong with that.
    Black is too sober I think.

    I like the song you have on your blog now.

  3. I have no boobage so I don't really have to worry about that kind of thing :P, but I agree with everyone else, just wear what you want to wear and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! They can dress themselves, they don't have to dress you too :P

  4. you have C cup boobs! at least!! i can wear any type of shirt and it's not quite thrilling..