Friday, August 28, 2009

One week

So the first week of school is officially OVER. Thank Buddha.

So far, my maths class is the bomb. I actually understand things, and I don't feel uncomfortable at all around the teacher because she reminds me of this old lady that I know. I don't know if I'm going to struggle throughout the rest of the year, but I hope that with this good start I won't struggle too bad.

I'm going to be super overachiever girl this year by doing Debate, Academic Decathalon, Art Club, TAB, BPA, and maybe Z- Club if I pass the interview.

And although I'm participating in all of these, I'm not doing as much as Lulu, who wants to go to Yale, and is totally overloading herself. If she really wanted to go to Yale, she would have transferred to All Saints, the super posh private school with nothing but Ivy bound kids.

Not that I wouldn't love to go to an Ivy, but I'm going to be honest here. There is no way in heck I'm going take out that many loans just to get a degree in Philosophy. But that's just me, and I don't know, but spending 10 years after college paying off loans just doesn't seen too appealing to me.

The freshmen this year.... Suck. And I wondered if I was this bad, so I asked the one person who was sure to be honest with me. Yes. I did. It's not healthy, but he was the only one who wouldn't reply with "OMG Lizzi ur so awesome! I love you! See ya later lil one!"

Ok, so maybe he would have said some of that, but he was honest in his response, which was much appreciated. So I asked him:

And he replied:
I think he was pretty accurate in describing my freshman essence. And it was a bit positive, I mean, he did say "wonderfully large" when describing my ego... Also, even if I did suck, I had a "but" which translates into: my suckage was justified in some way.


  1. you're off to great start to taking over the world with me! you can help me pay back some of my loans, then! very few freshmen DON'T suck, and even i was a sucky one. a fabulously sucky one, but yes, sucky.

  2. I'm glad you're liking your math class. My first day is next Monday and I'm a little terrified about it.

    About your friend, I agree. I wanna go to Yale but for Law School, I wouldn't go there for my Political Science degree. Private schools are not even in my mind at this point. I may have to pay like 10 thousand something per year at Berkeley and that worries me- don't know what I'd do having to pay 40,000.

  3. Yay! One week down... a lot more to go haha. But I'm glad your math class is awesome :D I don't know, I have no idea what I want to do about college. Ivy League would of course be fantastic, but yes, also fantastically expensive :/

    Now I know why all of the upperclassmen hate the freshmen. The freshmen here suck more suck than the suckiest suck that ever sucked :P

    Oh, and there are bunches of pregnant girls at my school too... how difficult is it to keep it in your pants?! SHEESH! D:<

  4. I'm glad I'm done with school. However, I kinda miss it sometimes.

    Take care!

  5. I can understand why freshmen are hated. I asked some older kids though, and they actually said that they only hated about half of my class as freshmen. We go to a really small school, though, so you end up already knowing a lot of the freshmen.