Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let's play count the Prego chicks!

Oh my. There are so many pregnant girls at my high school it's not even funny. I think I counted 7 today, and that's not counting the ones who might have already dropped out. BUDDHA.

Is it that hard to keep you crotch closed? Is it that hard to make you're boyfriend wear a friggin condom?

One of the guys on AcaDec got a girl pregnant over the summer. Shoot me now.

It's ridiculous that this is happening. It's ridiculous that this is considered "normal" now, and there are very little social stigmatisms about this.

An old friend of mine Sam got pregnant last year by a senior who has now graduated and left for college, and she's currently a sophomore. I hate to say this, but if she hadn't been sleeping around and acting like a slut, this would have never happened.

My legs are staying closed, because none of the boys at my school know what a condom is, or it's function because ALL of the pregnancies were caused because the guy didn't wear a condom!

This is stupidity!


  1. Ahh... underage and pregnant :(
    7 is quite a few! I'm actually surprised!

  2. haha! it's such a disappointing thing. pinch a penny in between your knees, like my aunt told me. i'm not listening, but then again, i have no babies. The Pill is good stuff, and condoms are a necessity. maybe we should just start throwing contraception by the handful at our peers..