Monday, August 24, 2009

Actual First Day

Man! Does my back hurt or what?

I officially hate all the stairs my school has, and all of it's second flight glory. And I hate how scattered my schedule is. Five minutes to run across campus? Hah. Yeah right. More like fly, and hope you don't run into freshmen that get lost.

I took pity on Lane, that poor kiddo and showed him to his class and was almost late to Spanish 2.

Lunch was weird. This freshman boy, who looked like a 7th grader was staring at me. Like no lie. Full on staring. Oh well.

First day was great. I like all of my classes. Too bad I can't elaborate too much, I have to squeeze this in. I should be cleaning the kitchen but oh well.


The Caps seemed necessary. Yes.

1 comment:

  1. We only five minutes too! It's ridiculous. There is no way that you can stop at your locker between classes, so you just have to carry the whole days worth of books with you the whole time :P BOO!

    That was very nice of you to help the freshman, though! Not so nice to be creepily stared at, though O_O But that's great that overall it went okay!