Saturday, August 1, 2009

Already? Didn't take long

It's only about thirty minutes into the time I've been at my mom's house, and we've already gotten into one fight. I'd like to say that things are going to go great, but at this rate I'd say that all hopes of this being a peaceful visit are gone.

Ever since my parent's have gotten a divorce things have been rocky with my mom. We fight, but it's not about normal teenage stuff, but about my dad, or my stepmom, or anything in my life that doesn't include her.

She's always saying that I never visit, I never call, or do anything with her unless my dad makes me, or my stepmom guilt trips me.

Well I wonder why? She doesn't spend time with me when I'm over, we always argue when I'm over, and when she tries to buy my love, she gets me stuff I don't want, and then gets insulted when I don't like it.

I am completely financially dependent on my dad, my mom pays for nothing. Whenever I mention something like, "Yeah, Dad and I were talking, and he might buy me a briefcase for Debate..." or something like that she gets all hurt, and is astonished when I don't invite her to any of my school functions.

Well, I would invite her, but her presence makes my dad angry. My dad pays for everything, ergo my mom is not invited because 1)Most likely we'll fight, and 2)If she really wanted to go to anything I'm in, she'd chip in money wise or something.

I personally think that if a parent is just going to pop up in their child's life and expect to be included in everything they better be contributing more than half a set of DNA. My mom makes me so angry.

She thinks she knows everything about me, but in truth, she can't even buy me a simple birthday gift and know what to get me. Really, I don't see the point of coming over to her house. I always leave bitter, and it does nothing but stress me out.


  1. I'm sorry things haven't gone well. Hopefully the situation will get a bit better as you stay there. If not? Drink some green tea and listen to Andrew Bird :)

  2. oh, do feel better! i'm so sorry for your bad feelings. your mother is alive, even if imperfect. her mistakes aren't yours. you're a phenomenal person. go buy some new panties and walk around in them.

  3. I understand what it's like having a mom who cares on and off about me. It's not fun. I've learned to just not talk to her and keep her distant, because every time I let my guard down to trust her, she never fails to ruin it. But hey, look at it this way:

    At least you don't live with her all the time and have to put up with her every single day.