Sunday, August 2, 2009

One more day

I know sometimes I can be irrational in my way of thinking. I know I give some people too much slack, and others not enough.

My mom happens to be on the end that doesn't get enough slack, but I'm still glad I don't live with her full time. She's embarrassing, blunt, and doesn't understand the way I work and think.

I'm glad I get to leave Monday morning, because I feel some tension in the air which could possibly result in another fight.

Even though my dad and I don't talk about everything, he still respects my boundaries and gives me more freedom than my mom would ever offer me. I hate that my mom is always trash talking my dad and telling me how horrible he is.

He's not anymore. When I was younger my dad used to yell a lot, and loose his temper and break stuff, but ever since he divorced my mom he's been nice. In fact, I haven't heard him yell in three years.

My mom dwells on the past too much. It's a good thing that I only have one more day here. Until then, I'm biting my tongue hard enough to leave teeth marks.

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