Monday, August 10, 2009

Saturday, Sunday

So I've been busy busy busy. Saturday was my baby brother Steven's birthday party. Bekka, better known as MRoS came also, and got to witness the fiasco that is my family. Also, my grandparents' neighbore's horse stepped on my toe :/ Other than that, it was a pretty cool party. I made these super awesome bubble snakes, which were a big hit with all the little kids, especially Steven. Aren't they cool?

Sunday was family day. My dad drove us to Garland Texas, which is on the outskirts of Dallas. We went to one of the outside shopping centers to eat lunch and go book shopping. After a lot of aimless driving around, we picked an "authentic" Brooklyn pizzeria. It was good, but for the price, my family and I weren't impressed. After the ok pizza, we went to Half Price Books and Music, which is by far the best second hand book store in Texas. Everytime I go there I find the best books. On this visit my dad bought me four books, two of which were Philosophy books. Go figure :) I also got Atget's Paris, and Cybele's Secret. I had already read Cybele's Secret, but it was such a good book I had to buy it! It's too bad they didn't have it's prequel Wildwood Dancing.

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