Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Helter Skelter

Ack.  Just when I finish one page of homework, 20 more pop up.  Ok, it may not be 20, but I have a lot of work.

My list of work so far is:

1. Biology pages (complete)

2.  Monocot and Dicot study pages.

3. Debate cases. (some what complete)

4. Summary of Literary criticism.


7. Spanish study material.

Also,  Jacob scolded me today in class again, telling me to behave.  Sorry, but it's less than four days till district, and if I want to forget for two seconds and crack jokes and make my fellow classmate laugh, then deal.  I can't cope under all of the pressure.

MY VOICE IS GONE. It cracked and sputtered right after school.  District is Saturday.  This is not good.

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