Monday, June 2, 2008

Thank you Jesus, son of bhudda


I checked my inbox this morning and I saw that I had a comment from Jason Thibault, one of the guys from Op. Wound!

Do you know how honored I feel? One one the coolest people on the web saw my blog. I feel so humbled and well.....I dunno. I'm just in awe.

Since I was so drunk off of happiness this morning I decided to wear a tutu all day during school. It was quite amusing since it was an exam day, and I think I was a distraction. According to my knowledge, I've boosted my social status from "the weird girl who wore those bright highlighter tights" to "the weird girl who wore those tights and the tutu".

Frankly, I'm quite proud of myself for doing something as bold as that. Haha, special thanks goes out to Savannah for letting me wear it :]

Ah, today we've got an exterminator coming because we seemed to have acquired a dead animal in our attic. Oh joys. I just adore dead little rodents! Hey, maybe I can go to the library today while we're out. I think I'm going to be out for a while so my dad can get rid of the funky dead animal smell. Ew. As much as I like eating dead cows and chickens, I'm not too fond of their cousins or distant relatives of the animal family.

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