Friday, June 27, 2008

I might be home

Well, if I timed it right, I should be arriving, or already at home from camp. Here are some of my predictions:
  1. I will be TAN. Heck, I'll actually look Filipino.
  2. Bug bites will consume every bit of my skin.
  3. My hair will be incomprehensibly gross.
  4. I'll have made some new friends.
  5. My clothes will never be the same again.
  6. Even without realizing it, I'll have gained(or) lost 5lbs.
  7. Sweat will be my new nemesis.
  8. My appreciation for water will increase.
  9. Warm showers will no longer be taken for granted.
  10. Fast food will seem close to heaven after a week of camp food.
Haha, lets see how many of my predictions will come true!!

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