Friday, June 6, 2008

Dear me, oh my

I'm late! I'm late, I know!

I was planning on posting this earlier under the title : Because sometime grown-ups can be forgetful, but as you see it didn't really work out.

As my fingers were poised to start typing yesterday, my friend Hannah called up and asked if I could come over early, which of course totally screwed up my schedule causing me to miss a day of posting.

On the bright side, I finally learned how to tread water. Woo!! Finally I accomplished something for the summer! Also, it helped me forget and blow off some steam about an incident that day. I'll elaborate. Beware: past this point I cannot guarantee that the language will be so mild.

Ok, so originally I had planned on volunteering over the summer at the public Library. Mainly I did it so I would be able to stay in touch with my friend Bekka, who also volunteers, but after the experience I went through I'm having second guesses.

Around noon I arrived at the library and headed to the children's section to speak to the coordinator. Well, it turns out that she wasn't there so I asked this one scary monotoned lady that seems to have memory issues.

I Swear! Every time I go there when I'm not working she acts like she doesn't know me, yet during my shift she seems to magically remember my name and who I am.
So anyways, I asked her if she had the schedule and knew my shift. She goes in the back, pulls out some papers and asks, "So what's your name again?" and I'm all like "bookish.spazz.... I worked here last summer with Bekka....."

I see my name on the form, and Bekka's name too, but the scary lady just says "Unfortunately, I can't find your name on the schedule. Are you sure you signed up?" and I'm all like, Bullsht! I saw my freakin name of the form!!

So I leave for ten minutes until the coordinator comes back. I think, Ok, maybe theres a reason why she's lying to me. Maybe she just hates me. Dunno. I walk back over to the children's section and ask if the coordinator is there, and as it turns out she is!

Then the scary lady comes up to me and says some crap about how she didn't recognize me, and she skipped over my name and sht, and I'm all like, Whatever lady. I don't give a fck about your stupid excuses.
By now I was throughly pissed that they lied, and to top it off I find out that the screw up my schedule by putting Rebekka and me on different days! How freakin peachy is that? Well you know what scary lady, F U C l< YOU!

Oh, BTW Bekka, if she hasn't told you yet you're working on Thursday from 10-12 with Gayrod Fox, and Tiarra. Sorry 'bout that.

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