Friday, June 27, 2008

Home Again, but Still Far Gone

Ok, So I'm back from camp. Right now all I want to do is go into overload and slap down details upon gruesome details of how each and every minute of my life was while at camp, but for the sake of anyone, and everyone reading this blog I won't.

I will however mention how a bunch of people at camp reminded me of people I know at home. A BUNCH. Haha, I even saw people that resembled celebrities, and then there were just some people that were too weird to forget.... so yeah.

The first person I think I should mention seeing is Deflated Mohawk Guy. Why do I call him that? Because at one point I knew his name, but I forgot it so now I'm just naming him after his appearance. Hey, it's better than calling him one shirt guy. I swear! He wore the same Adio shirt everyday!! Ah, well at least he was kinda cute...

Haha, the next people I'm going to exploit are Renton and Raleb. No, that's not their real names, but I don't think they'd like their names on my blog... Hannah and I just call them that because they hold resemblance to those people. Well actually, Raleb looked like a combination of Roman Duke and Caleb.... if they ever got together and had a kid..... Hence the name. (roman = super nerd --- caleb = poofy curly hair) Raleb was a total a total freak. Each time he saw me he's be like, "Oooooooooh!!!" and I'd be like "FREAK."

Then there was the girl who looked like Posh. (ya know, from the spice girls?) Yeah, except her hair was black, other than that she was a spitting image. I also saw someone who looked a lot like Luke Durden, except cooler, more down to earth, and waaaayyyy nicer. I almost started a mosh pit with him. Seriously.

And then there was these random awesome musicians who like PWNED everything. This one dude named Daniel like did some awesome DragonForce riffs. I almost died in the church pew. Even though he looked kinda like Ray Toro from MCR, I think my heart just might have gone a little weak for him. Haha, I have a soft spot for guys that play metal music.

Ah, and last but not least there was this really cute guy whom I admired from afar. If you've seen the movie the Outsiders, I guess I'd describe him as a Ponyboy and Johnny combination. The trademark Johnny eyes, and tan were more dominant, but he had the Ponyboy jawline and mouth. Man, was he cute. He was kinda quite among his little group of friends, and seemed a little distant, but lordy when he smiled..... I thought my heart was going fall into my stomach.

We almost sat in the same pew together, but some buttheads stole his seat when he was up and they wouldn't move. >.<'

Of course, there was more to camp than the people. We had awesome speakers, a great live band, and air conditioning! Well, to be more specific we only had air conditioning for the last three days of camp, but still! At least we were chilled towards the end!

There were also some seminars, and I signed up for the media one hoping that I would learn something new about computers, but unfortunately I think I might've known more about computer graphics than the instructor did. Haha, it's sad when that happens. I didn't want to seem like a total show off, so I didn't say anything about it to the instructor when he made some mistakes in photoshop.

All in all, camp was sweaty and fun. I probably should have been more social than I actually was, but hey, maybe next year I can rope more friends into coming along!

photo courtesy of ~DJKneo

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  1. Haha, I remember when I went to camp... many years ago... all I remembered were the people. Funny how that works. My personal fav, Stevie, the girl who I swear was really a guy pretending to be a girl just to sleep in the designated female cabin. He, er, she didn't like me much because well I kept asking if she was really a he. Long story to that.
    Anyways, as for knowing more than the instructor, you will find that will happen often as you further your education.