Monday, June 16, 2008

Another day, Bookishly spent

Ah yes, today I worked another day at the library. It was nice and calm, and totally free of rude ladies. I helped shelve some books with Bekka, who shared the same shift as me.

Like I previously stated, it was a pretty calm day. My shift was only three hours, and it ended at 3pm, but I stayed an hour and a half later to pick out some books to read.

While I was picking out books I saw L! It was really weird, and he claimed to only be there because of his kid brother. Whatever L, we all know you like to read Jane Austen!!! Haha, just kidding...maybe.

Anyways, I picked out ten books, and I intend on reading them in a certain order. Why? Well I have the horribly inconvenient habit of reading 4 or more books at the same time, and it always takes me forever to finish them.

So this summer I decided to break myself of that habit and make a list. That way I'll be able to read things one at a time. I'm not saying that it's going to work, but I'm going to try to make it work. Here's my list, in the order I plan on following.

  1. Beastly - Alex Flinn
  2. Jack the Ripper (graphic novel)
  3. Heavy Metal and You - Chris Krovatin
  4. Hopeless Saveges Vol. 1 (graphic novel)
  5. The Hunter's Moon - O.R. Melling
  6. Joker - Ranulfo
  7. ChaseR - Micheal Rosen
  8. Marly's Ghost: a remix of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol
  9. The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Gothgirl - Barry Lyga
  10. The Ring 1 (graphic novel)
photo courtesy of =minimoon


  1. it's alright. there's that saying 'you can't miss what you never had.' we never really had a bond at all so the fact that i don't speak with my dad now doesn't really bother me.

    i, personally, love that you call him L. my friends and i always give nicknames to people we talk about so that we can mention them without others knowing.

    and still, incredibly jealous of your library job. JEEZ.

  2. Found you through JMS, your social experiment with L intrigues me and although I'm a little fuzzy on some things, I'm sure I'll catch up. Anyways, hope you don't mind that I added you to my Blog roll, if so, just let me know!