Monday, June 23, 2008

If I was a...(#2)

Welcome to the second part of If I was a....

If you haven't already checked out part [1] I'd advise you to do so!

Today I'm going to discuss the pros and cons on if I was a Graphic Designer.

Well, a graphic designer can do many things. They can design buildings, clothes, websites, toys. I mean let's face it! The possibilities are endless if you know you're way around the digital world!

However, the only downside is it's like being an artist in a way. You have to build up your reputation and credibility. It is, on the other hand a tad more stable. Now, I'm not claiming to know everything, but if I'm correct you can sign on with a construction company, or animation studio that would pay you by the hour.

So, I guess in my perspective it would provide more financial stability. The only thing I would be sacrificing would be my artistic range and freedom. Unlike a freelance artist, I would have to follow orders from a company, and tailor my abilities to what they want.

But hey, it's not like I don't do that already in art class. Whenever we work on a project we have to do it in a specific way. We can employ our own styles, but we're graded on it anyways going by the teacher's opinion.

Either way, it's a decent job. One that could make me quite happy if I'm working with the right people.

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  1. I know someone in graphic design, but he's more into web layouts and stuff. Soem company offered him a job for $90000 a year but he turned it down cause he didn't like them, so yeah, I guess it is all about the people...