Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Favorably Unfavorable

Well, today was extra eye opening. I just experienced firsthand (again) what stereotyping can do to you.

Why is it that the stuck up snot nosed stick up their butt kids can get away with being rude and not get in trouble, while I just open my mouth and instantly get called out? Is it because I don't like to wear preppy Abercrombie? Is it because of the people I hang out with? Is it because I think about things other than who texted who last weekend?

I mean honestly, just because you're friends with the teacher's daughter/son does not mean you get any advantage over anyone else. It's not ethnically right to do that. Personally I would have no problem with it if it weren't so bad, but when you let someone get away with bad behavior in the classroom JUST BECAUSE they're one of your daughters friends that's where I start to draw the line.

Yesterday I was taking one of my exams when I heard some people talking. At first I just ignored it. People talk during tests and stuff all the time, so why does it matter? Then I hear one of the people who had finished their test sigh really loudly.

There were still about five other students still working on their exam, and it seemed as if she was having a hard time holding in her sighs. I think she sighed really loudly about another five times before the teacher was all like, "Cut that out!"

My initial reaction to the whole thing wasn't really shock, but maybe a bit of anger that the teacher didn't get onto earlier. What pisses me off is that people like Shelby Sault....whatever her name is can get away with things like that, and I get in trouble for something stupid like saying "Yeah" instead of "Yes ma'am".

Is that fair? I mean, not only was the whole ordeal very rude towards those who were still taking the tests, it was also very distracting.

Ah, just another reason why I dislike most preppy people.

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