Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If I was a...(#3)

Welcome to part three of If I was a...

If you haven't check out the two previous posts in the series I'd advise you to do so!

In celebration to National Fairy Day, I'm going to do a fairy themed post!

Today I'm going to discuss the pros and cons of being a Fae. Well, let's start out with the most obvious. I wouldn't be able to wear iron anymore!! And as much as I love metal chains and whatnot that would certainly be a predicament.

No more junk food or synthetic fibers! No siree! Not only do those things sicken fairies, it harms them greatly. All foods must be all natural and contain no chemicals. I guess that rules out milk you get from the grocery store. All clothes must be of natural material, like cotton, wool, hemp, silk, or any other form of clothing like that.

However, I would be able to join in with mother nature as a whole, and enjoy the natural side of life. A carefree life where I would never have to worry about taxes, or bills, Ah! To live a life like that would certainly be desirable.

For more information on National Fairy Day click here.

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