Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enough to last a lifetime.

Yes, well today I went through a bit of awkwardness with my stepmom.

We talked about the gynecologist. And of the HPV shot. And of pap smears. And of the pill.

It wouldn't have been so bad if she wasn't so ok about it. In fact, I think I would have liked for her to be a bit apprehensive about putting me on the pill, because in all truth birth control scares me.

I mean, it's not so much scary like OMIGAWD I'M GONNA DIE, it's scary like HOLY CRAP my dad's gonna know whether or not I'm sexually active.

And as awkward as it is, I'd rather just avoid it. Man, it must suck for my dad, knowing that he has three daughters. All of which are strait(i hope....) Which means GIRL + BOY = BABY

So of course, grandchildren would mean that his babies are sexually active, which I think the fact that he knows that might send him to an early grave.

Ah, poor daddy. At least he knows that Kimberly, even though she's younger than me, will pop out a kid far before I even consider thinking about kids. Haha, jk jk.

I don't think I want to deal with kids of my own until I'm waaaaaaaayyyy older. And even then, I only want two..... preferably twins :]

That way, if one of them is gay I'd have a back up child to make me grandbabies! Woooo! Go advanced planning!

Today's photo is courtesy of ~PerryPride !!!

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