Sunday, June 29, 2008

Neon Dandylion

Ah, yes. I decided it was time I cranked out some new digital art Wallpaper. I wanted it to have an urban summer feel, but I don't know if it turned out the way I had planned. Oh well.

For more information on it, like the stock I used and such visit my DeviantArt submission here.

Er, I was supposed to have been working on this child fairy piece, but I kinda stuck it on the backburner. Hopefully I'll be able to start working on it again. Haha, well I'm off to redesign the blog. I've decided however, to wait until the school year starts to put it into effect.

Also, I've been thinking of putting a chatbox up.... I've used them before, but I don't know If I should start using them again....

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