Thursday, June 26, 2008

If I was a...(#5)

Hey, you're still tuning in? That's great! Welcome to part five of If I was a...

Today's post is written by a close friend of mine, Bekka who has a blog of her own called MinisculeRaindropOfSilence.

Hopefully it won't be terribly embarrassing......

.:Lizzi's Spectacular Career Options-According to Bekka, her most trusted Lamby Friend:.

Hmm, well hello readers of Lizzi's Spazz's blog! This is Bekka speaking to you here, and I have come by a request made by Lizzi to make a 'guest post' on her wondrous blog!!

I find this to be a HUGE, and some would say EPIC honor :)

Anyways, let me stop babbling and get on with why I am really here.

To talk about Lizzi and her strange career options.

At first, my mind instantly turned to Art when she asked me what I thought she should be in her pre-recluse years. Yet she had already covered those bases, so I had to really take a moment to think about this situation.

Then, [I really hope she doesn't think this is stupid 'cause I thought it was pretty cool...] it hit me!! She sometimes talks about raves and mosh pits, and don't even get her started on music O.o

I have never met anyone who knows music/pop culture like Lizzi. No joke, and I have met A LOT of people in my 13 years.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that she should consider being a.....



I mean think about it for a sec!!

She could bring new, and not well known music artists to clubs and raves and stuff and she would have the most amazing collection of music EVER!!! Then! People would fall in love with her unique and amazing taste in music that she would become famous and earn the money to buy an island for her mom!!!!!!


It's brilliant!

Yes, Lizzi I know you are probably reading this and either shaking your head, muttering 'loser' or laughing...hopefully laughter!

Well, yeah...thats it haha

Goodbye dear readers!!!

...and this has been a special edition of Bookish Spazz brought to you by BEKKA!

;] later.

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