Friday, June 20, 2008

Asking too much

I'm sorry L. Especially sorry that last night you were bombarded by questions that were too awkward to answer. Not to mention, it was supposed to be game board night.

To think! It was bad enough that I was asking you stupid question after stupid question, but to be bombarded by 4 chicks at the same time? You got it pretty harsh.

I think the worst questioner would have to have been Mary, who seemed like she was trying to hit on you. The whole entire time I was laughing in my head, trying not to loudly point that out to everyone.

The second worst would have to be Bekka. I saw those uncomfortable looks....don't think I didn't!

The third worst would have to be me, for asking you all those pointless questions about the pink ponies and unicorns.....and questioning straightness? I dunno, but yeah those questions were pretty darn pointless.

The best questioner would have had to be Alina(who had really pretty hair that night), because she asked mostly sensible things.

ALSO! HAHA!! I BEAT YOU AT BATTLESHIP!!!! Mwhahahaaa! You were kinda creepy though.... Every turn you'd have this weird evil genius look on you're face and plus, you'd take forever to make a decision.

Jeez dude, it's just a game! Haha, yeah. BTW, like the little Myspace flyer I made? It's frighteningly bright isn't it?

1 comment:

  1. Haha, poor L being bombarded by girls.
    I agree though, he does play battleship rather oddly... maybe he was trying to read your mind or something.