Tuesday, April 1, 2008

WTF dude? Get ur own idea!

OK. I Am sick and friggin tired of people copying each and every one of my ideas. It's ok if a friend of mine asks me if they can copy me, or something along the lines of that; however when you take say, an art/literature concept of mine and call it your own, that's just called PLAGERISM, COPYING, and STEALING.

It's something that I will not tolerate. Partly, because it's uncool, and it's also a pain in the @ss when I have to go and yell at you for stealing my idea.

Is it that hard for people to think of something original to do? Maybe you just don't have a creative bone in your body, or maybe you head is too far up your butt to see anything past your rectum? I don't know.

Why don't all the jockers in the world do all artists a favor and crawl down a deep tar pit and die. It would make everything in my life wayyy easier. Gawd people can be btches.

Today, in class I wanted to scream/yell/btch to this one person because she was talking about how she writes and crap, and she started explaining the plot. Well I was listening, and the day before I had been talking to that same girl(who I didn't particularly like) telling her about some random stuff I was working on(which I admit on my part was stupid) and how I had imagined all this stuff one night and how I was planning to write about it. As it turns out, she didn't realize I was there so she started rambling on and on about MY plot line and pretty much said word for word what I said the day before, but instead of saying I created it SHE TOOK ALL THE CREDIT.

At first I was like "Dude! WTF??" but instead of creating that big of a scene, I simply threw her a piece of paper that said: GLAD TO SEE your STORY IS ORIGINAL

When she saw that it was me who threw it, she looked embarrassed, and after class I told her that if she pulled another stunt like that, I'd personally make her life hell.

Which now brings me to say, DON'T STEAL YOU LITTLE BTCH! or else.

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