Friday, April 11, 2008

Living for the weekend is not healthy

Haha. I've been anticipating spending the weekend at Hannah's because whenever I'm there It's always nonstop anime fun.


Hopefully everything will go smoothly. I heard the weather forecast was supposedly wonderful for this weekend....I hope the weather man wasn't lying again.

Ok, since I usually don't give explanations to the images I put in my posts, This is a picture of the wonderfully godly Relient K (don't ask me if I spelled it right).

Ever since I was a wee little kid under the height of 4'5 I've had a crush of the lead singer Matt Theissen. Yes, if you guessed it he is the cute dark blondie boy with the stunning blue eyes.

Well you can't see his eyes too well in this picture, but in one of the music videos you can see it really well.

There's this one kid at my school who reminds me of Matt, but he's really quiet and keeps to himself. Plus we're in different social circles, and he's one grade above me. Eh..... maybe I'll talk to him over the summer if I'm not too lazy.

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