Thursday, April 10, 2008

If only

I wish there were people like Fitzwilliam Darcy at my school. I don't care what most people say, He's like the coolest guy character in a romantic book. Yes, even better than the all powerful and totally lovable Edward Cullen.

He would be a competition for Artemis Fowl, but Artemis fowl isn't a romance series. It's like a sci/fi, fantasy, action series.

But yes, this is another blog post filled with the thoughts and words that the world would be a infinitively greater place if we had more guys like Mr. Darcy.

He's like the perfect blend of emo and manly, with a dash of coolness! And, he's loyal to all his dude friends.

Jane Austen was a genius to create him. Curse you Jane Austen for making such a fantastical guy that I will never meet!

Gawd. I wish. If only.

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