Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Boys boys boys

PHEW. GYM was fun.

It was probably one of the most fun nights ever.

I spent most of the night mainly hanging around Kenne, Adrian, Taylor, and Asstin.
It was totally knarly!

We were up in the little slide thingies most of the night chasing each other around and crap.

At one point Adrian stole Asstin's hoodie and we ran around trying to hide it from him.
Of course me and Taylor were sweating bullets, so we wiped out icky sweat on Asstin's jacket.

He wasn't too happy about that and he ended up hittin Taylor in the balls....twice.

Haha also, there was this er....lets say
less respectable looking girl who was trying to flirt with Asstin and crap and I thought it was hilarious!

We were sitting in the little booths that they have when she just strolls up and sits down next to Asstin and was all like, "So are you two going out?" she indicated towards me and Asstin.

I almost snorted on the spot, and exploded with laughter as I replied with a "No way dude, just buddies!" I was about to add "With benefits." As a joke, but it was just too funny seeing Asstin's face as she moved closer to him, mouthing "he's hot!!!!1111" to me.

To top that off he was sending me "HELP" signals, but I wanted to mess with him even more so I loudly stated, "OOOOOHhhhhhh Asstin! She wants to Bang you!!"

He gave this look of "WTF? I hate you."

It was wayyyy worth it. Haha fun fun. I forgot how much I missed hangin out with the guys, especially Asstin. He's a cool friend that can just let loose and have fun, and not even succumb to the filthy claws of less respectable looking girls. No matter what people say, I know he's not that type of guy. Believe me.

Also he told me about this little black tiny kitten he found at WalMart. He named it Walden, Wally for short. He said he's gonna keep it ^..^

Oh yeah, for all you girls wanting to bang him and make beautiful babies with him, BEWARE.

He plans to name his first kid Potifar, and then nickname him Potty. So yeah, I warned you.

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