Thursday, April 24, 2008

Note: Buy more Panache

Haha yes. It's the after event of the NJHS ceremony which went smoothly. I kept on telling Bekka to trip and fall, and joking about her doing something wrong and whatnot. Of course, she had the poise of a gazelle, so she had nothing to worry about.

Slllllaaaaaadddddeeeee kept on making crude funny jokes, and I had to keep myself from busting out laughing.

Luke Durden's cologne almost Killed me. It was so friggin strong, and throughout half the ceremony I had to keep from sneezing.

Luckly, it was a very short and simple thing, so I only had to endure his allergy inducing scent for twenty minutes. Now, I not only have a cool thing to slap on my record, I also have a super cool piece of paper to frame and hang on my wall. It'll sure look good next to my Wresting and Punk posters. :P

Mmmhhhhmm...... My brownies smell delicious..... they're all nice and hot and fresh from the oven.

Oh, today after the ceremony I went to the store and finally bought some Acrylic and Watercolor paper, and since I've been procrastinating about it for like a month I thought it to be a major accomplishment. I also bought some gum :]

Before I forget, I have to apologize to Bekka about the whole Pop Recital thing. I seriously did forget you were in choir, and I didn't mean to hurt your feelings by inviting Asstin. I know you don't think of him on a friend level yet, but he's one of my guy buddies that I can't avoid hanging out with.

I'll try my best into talking him out of going to it.....errr yeah, we both know how he is about stuff like that. He was really excited about going too, but maybe I can try to convince him to go to the mall or something.

Sorry, I'll try to remember and think next time I do something like that.

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  1. GYAH!!! DUDE!!! It's totally fine :] No, you didn't hurt my will be a bit embarrassing but I'll get over it :) Seriously, don't change your awesome plans just please don't call me a pHAG when im on stage lmao
    If austin is excited about coming, by all means don't let me ruin the fun :) I need to lighten up anyways, so go ahead and come!