Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Future is Warped

It's something I think about constantly.

Actually, It's kind of sad how much I ponder upon the idea.

Ever since I was little I've always dreamed of traveling around everywhere, maybe having a kid or two; but I've never pictured myself with a significant other.

Whenever I'd daydream It'd always be me, and a kid. No 'special someone' or anything along the lines of that.

Many, and I mean MANY of my friends, and on the occasion my family, have criticized the choice of lifestyle I wish to partake in, but hear me out.

Listen to my pros and cons. STOP JUDGING ME.

The first subject that people can't seem to grasp is the fact that I want a child without a father. There are many ways to accomplish that. One is adoption, which would probably be my first choice, and Two is having my own baby.

Don't ask me how, there are many ways things can happen.
Many people are like "What if the child want to know their dad/biological parents?"

My answer is sure, I don't care. I'd do everything in my power to help them find whomever is their parent.

Another question is, "What if your kid didn't want to travel, what if they wanted to go to regular school?"

Well, as my child would get older to say about ten, I'd take a year to stay home and see if they enjoyed being at a regular full year school. If they did, I would partially stay at home for the school year, only leaving for special business trips and summer. If they didn't like the school then we'd continue to travel around.

People alway gripe about the negative things that come with having a nomadic lifestyle like not having any foundation, or my child not being able to make permanent friendships.

On the contrary, my child would be able to make many friends, plus we'd be staying there for at least 3-5 months, and with the technological advancements we have today such as web cams and e-mail, it'd be easy to stay in touch.

Not to mention we'd be immersed in all sorts of cultures and environments. My child would be exposed to new languages, and otherwise looked over knowledge of other countries that most people regularly acquire at an older age.

See there are many ups and downs to the situation, but one fact remains clear. It's MY life and MY choice. So stop btching at me.

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