Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not at all creepy

Haha yes, last period a kid in my adv. Reading class was being just a little creepy, but he's funny and smart so it's all good. Whenever I see him I think "Serbia? WTF? It sounds like fruity ice-cream!"

Haha shhhhhh....... I never said a word.......

Now onto the boring part of my day. Today during my advisory period we had to attend the rehearsals for our NJHS ceremony which ironically will take place in the school gym.

Why is it ironic you ask? Well think. The gym is where all the athletic jock people go to show off their jock-ness, and it's where all the P.E. kids go to slack off.

We're having a prestigious smarticle award being presented there. How funny is that?

Ah well, this is just me, being odd at the most. Also did I mention how much I stuck out while there? Every single other kid there was preppy and smart and owned at least one American Eagle or Areopostal item of clothing, and there I was in my hoodie and t-shirt straight from Hot Topic.

Can you say social outcast? If only my friends had more ambition, and bigger goals. What, do they think that everything in life is just going to be handed to them?

Oh, wait I know some poeple who think like that.... it's a good thing they're not my friends.

To each and one of the people I consider a friend: I'm Disappointed.

Oh, yeah like the nerdy Gaspard pic? Haha it's adorable.

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