Sunday, April 13, 2008

Total Major Wipeout mannnn

Jeez I'm beat.

Being at Hannah's house sure was fun, but right now all I wanna do is crash on my bed. The weekend was great!

I ran into some buddies that I usually don't see on a daily basis, and got a lot of exercise in.

The first buddy I ran into was Christena (AKA Bunny). She moved away last year to a different school... :[ Ah, well seeing her was really cool. We ate snowcones!

Then we ran into some who hates snowcones, Austin A.

He doesn't go to our school now, but he will next year! Yeah!!! He's one of my good old friends from back in the day which is also referred to as last year. Haha.

Anyways for some random odd reason, he was at WalMart buying pink tape with Jon.

Eh.... I'm getting too tired too type anymore. Maybe I'll elaborate on my weekend later, maybe not. I'm going off to crash on my unsuspecting unused bed.

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